I violently flinched at the bang.

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When dubbing Japanese TV series in English, characters from Osaka are sometimes given a Texas accent. Both Southern and Kansai accents are distinctive in their respective languages.

But other things would need to be taken into account as well.

Markus brushed his teeth.


I'll never hurt you, Harold.

Tell them to come see me.

The ceiling fan is on.


I have the answer.

I've been thinking a lot about what you said.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

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He carried on business for many years.

We can play with the language.

The children love to hear stories.

Bonnie drank all the juice in one gulp.

A small gear is missing here.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Would you mind if we sit in?

One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.

The only thing he eats is candy.

Loyd promised he wouldn't tell anyone.

Are you single?

Her wish is a command for me.

You won't be killed but you will suffer very much.

They sell us copper.

We need to raise prices.

A moon colony full of habitats should be the priority. Shuttling to and from Luna would give space agencies real experiences in working in space.

I won't be able to eat all this.

That isn't a good enough reason.

Today I just feel like staying at home and doing nothing.

Come here this minute.

I wanted to let him go.


I went to talk to him.

The game's outcome hangs on his performance.

One thousand years later, aliens came to Earth only to find the damned remains of a wicked civilization.

Vinod's free.

He is better able to teach than I am.

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Heroin is a drug.

The fatigue had nearly exhausted him, and the sharks only waited for the first quiet moment to swallow their victim.

There's a lot of trash on the far bank of the river.

I'm looking for a wallet.

Furthermore, I still don't think this a huge cultural difference.

Sarah died in the fire.

Floria is just trying to scare you.

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I did not listen to the chorus of that song.

Why am I doing this?

Can you do anything?

the thunderstorm has abated past midnight

I am different from Arthur.

Masanao was among the few who survived.

My English teacher advised me to read these books.

If you go underwater, hold your nose and blow to clear your ears.

He acts according to my advice.


His behavior never ceases to surprise me.


The thunder became louder.

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He deliberately kept on provoking a confrontation.

Jeffrey is wasting his talents.

You can make book on it that he won't help you.

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The DVD player replaced the videotape player.


If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done.

We have a lot of things we need to do today.

I wonder when Anne will come.

You two just looked so happy together.

A platoon has about thirty soldiers.

It is, as it were, a life and death problem.

She loves poetry and music.

This expression is archaic.

We should respond.

I forgot the key to my room.

I knew we could count on her.

It's very unlikely that Gill will come.

I get up at 7:00.

Apart from on rainy days, I always ride my bike to work.

Why are you staring at me like that?

Fish cannot live out of water.

Marsh was really embarrassed.


The only person who doesn't seem to understand is you.

We all can do better.

Can I talk to you in private for a second?


It is not likely that he did it on purpose to deceive me.

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Our teacher ordered Jim to go home at once.

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Don't go near the dog.

She was looking at the fine snow falling on the lake.

They advertised a house for sale.

Barrio is sleeping.

You should not talk back like that.

I remember him saying something about that.

This is so epic.


The number of jobless is at an all time high.

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I'm invited to Claudia's party tonight.

I don't like to travel with large groups.

We love our country.

Do you have some money?

I couldn't resist.


I'll have to give it some thought.


I'm joking, of course.

They stayed at the hotel for a week.

I wish you had let me know you were coming.

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I'm an old friend of Amos's father.


Let's see if there's any damage.

The police are in pursuit of the runaway.

Kelvin left the building.

The two countries negotiated a treaty.

Your homework for each class will be to review the day's lesson and to prepare for the next one.

What's the name of my doctor?

It was the first of the one thousand cranes that Sadako had to make.


Would you know anything about that, Angus?

You're on the home page.

In archaeology, it is important to keep findings intact and undamaged.

Arthur utilized some wooden chests as chairs.

I lost my son about a decade ago.


His jokes really slay me.

Novorolsky is familiar with this area.

We stayed three nights.

Anderson seems intelligent.

I'm pretty sure that Saiid wouldn't do that.

Sing something, please.

Bring an umbrella without forgetting.

Can you see them right now?

We should've anticipated this.

At the party, everybody was well-dressed.

My feet are numb.

May I ask you to call me back later?

You are coming down with the flu, or something serious.


Are you familiar with the new song yet?


Why aren't you in school?


I'll help Tandy tomorrow.

Chances are Sofia is in Boston by now.

Parents should come and pick up their children after band practice.

The squirrel climbed the tree.

How complicated could it be?

Water can not be had for nothing here.

There are plenty of idiots in the world.


What is your mission?

I'll help you park your car.

The coal is burning.

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Tell Tim that I don't need his help.

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I go by that church every day.

I will make him return what he has stolen.

He finished all of the exams.


I often reflect on the place where we first met.


What are you doing for the next few hours?

I own a miniature schnauzer.

It was real hard work.

What does it matter who knows?

I do agree with Charlene.

We have not found it.

She's addicted.

Please show me the TV Guide.

We learned how to read English.

I was born and educated in Toyko.

Marcel got into the elevator with Miki.


Tell her that I am having dinner.

I'm not able to swim.

When criminal cases come to trial, it is common for twelve jurors to serve on the jury.

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Don't find fault with others.


Do you like it? I like it.

It's their job.

They had no choice but to leave.

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I told Penny Pratapwant didn't like him.


I'm still married to Dorothy.

We could walk there together.

I want to see what Jayant found.